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Earthing Solutions

We are one of the most prominent service provider of world-class Earthing Solutions. Our earthing electrode services are recognized worldwide for their reliability and cost effectiveness. Moreover the unmatched solutions also meet the IS 3043 quality standards of 1987 norms.

Earthing Services

Earthing Services We are one of the most preferred organizations for Earthing Services. We complete our assigned tasks within the stipulated time period. We undertake plate and safe earthing work, which is in tune with international standards in terms of quality. These services are undertaken under the strict guidance of our expert engineers.

Earthing Annual Maintenance Contract

Earthing Annual Maintenance We undertake Earthing Maintenance Contract on an annual basis. Furthermore, we can solve any type of earthing problem and maintain good condition of earthing systems. We are counted as one of the leading service providers of earthing maintenance. For clients' convenience, we provide this service at nominal rates.
  • Types:
  • Single pipe
  • Pipe in pipe
  • Hard dip Galvanize

Earthing Solutions

Earthing Solutions We are one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of world-class Earthing Solutions. Our earthing electrode services are recognized worldwide for their reliability and cost effectiveness. Moreover the unmatched solutions also meet the IS3043 quality standards of 1987 norms. Our products, made using premium grade raw material are customized as per clients' requirements and demands. We provide the following products and services:

Installation Of Earthing Systems


Installation Method

Once installed properly the NOSHOCK Earthing Electrode will give a very good earth resistivity value compared to the conventional earthing and since this earthing electrode resists the corrosion, the earth value will remain same with out much fluctuation. This earthing system does not require any maintenance except few buckets of watering during very hot summer season. If it is installed properly as per our specification then it will show better result than conventional earthing System for many years.

PROPER INSTALLATION METHOD: The installation method is pasted on each & every earth electrode supplied by us. However, the NOSHOCK Safe Earthing Electrode can be installed by any one of the following methods depending on the soil condition.

  1. Augur / Drill / Bore a hole of 8 - 10 Inch in diameter at a place where earthing is to be done, to a suitable depth of 2 - 3 meters (Electrode Length)
  2. Place the Earthing Electrode inside the pit
  3. Mix the back fill compound nicely with the soil, which has been dug out.
  4. Re-Fill the empty space around the Earthing Electrode with this compound mix soil.
  5. While re-filling the space, pour adequate water in the PIT intermittently.
  6. Pack the soil around the Electrode tightly and nicely.
  7. Again pour adequate water at least 3 - 4 feet around the earthing Electrode.
  8. Test the earth resistivity of the Electrode and if the result is satisfactory, then connect it with the equipments.
  9. If the result is not satisfactory, then allow the Electrode some time (2/3 Weeks) for setting of the soil and then check it & connect it.
  10. If the soil is of high resistivityi.e. semi rocky or rocky soil, use back - fill compound only for refilling the PIT.

Normal Soil:

Make a bore of 8” to 10” in diameter manually up to the electrode length (2 Mtr or 3 Mtr). Put a little quantity of Back Fill Compound (a layer of min. 3 to 4 inch) in side the pit and drop the electrode exactly in the center of the pit. Now mix the soil that has been dug out with the B.F.C. like sand & cement. Now pour the above mixture in small quantity in to the pit followed by water and remove the trapped air inside the pit by poking a rod in to the mixture repeatedly. Repeat the above exercise till the pit is completely filled up. Pour sufficient water so that mixture is in paste /mud form. Allow the pit to absorb the water and becomes compact. Test the earth pit and connect to the electrical circuit. Avoid excess watering. Do not hammer the earth electrode.

Sandy Soil:

Please make a big pit of 6’ x 6’ and 11’ deep; fill the entire pit with black cotton soil or normal soil, pour enough water so that pit is full with water, leave it for three days so that soil soaks up the water. You will notice that soil level has gone down and again top up the pit with soil & fill the water. Now after two or three days this pit is ready for earthing purpose and if our earthing is installed there by normal method, that will definitely give you a very good earth resistivity value.

Semi–Rocky Soil:

If enough soil is there then earthing can be done by normal method otherwise that can be done by making a big pit as in case of sandy soil. Ours is a corrosion resistant, long life and almost maintenance free earthing system & if installed properly it will give better earth resistivity value than conventional earthing system. It is a Fit & Forget earthing system.


Dig a hole of 6" to 8" put the G.P earth pit in side pure chemical powder and water simultaneously sea that no air gap remains in pit pour three to four buckets water in the end. Construct the chamber if required We recommend two back of B F C for three meter electrode and one bag of BFC for one Meter electrode.